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"My Broker Fired Me When I Hired My First Assistant, But When He Saw Me Closing 200 Transactions A Year…"

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From: Monica Reynolds
RE: Making real estate fun and easy again...

My Broker Fired Me When I Hired My First Assistant,
But When He Saw Me Closing 200 Transactions A Year…

Dear Agent, If you want to exponentially grow your real estate revenues in the fastest time possible, this is the most important video you’ll ever watch.

Here’s why.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve closed over $320,000,000.00 in real estate transactions – and as a result, I’ve made an amazing discovery that I’ve been taking advantage of to consistently get over 200 homes sold each year.

Here’s What I’ve Discovered

When you close on average one home every other day, you’re going to have a LOT of really boring, time-sucking, paperwork and administrative tasks to do. And if you’re like most salespeople, you don’t like paperwork or administrative tasks!

How It All Started…

The reason I got into real estate (note: this may sound a little weird, but it’s absolutely true!) was because I wanted a dishwasher. I mean, I REALLY wanted a dishwasher... and my “then husband” wouldn’t buy me one!

We lived in Fargo, North Dakota. Our real estate agent, a man by the name of Chuck, was making $35,000-$40,000 a year selling homes. This was in the late ‘70s and at the time, that was a lot of money... especially to me, since I was working full-time as a school teacher and only making $15,000 a year.

I told my then husband that I wanted to go into real estate. He didn’t want me to and behind my back was telling all our friends that he wasn’t worried about the “real estate kick”, as he called it, because he didn’t think I’d pass the test. To his great surprise, (and to my delight, I might add) I nailed it.

My first job as a realtor was with Century 21. They had a company mantra – 2-in-1. What that meant was that if you’d take in two listings a month, you’d close at least one a month. I, however, misunderstood the mantra and took it to mean that we were supposed to take in two listings a week and we’d close one a week. It’s probably best that I took the mantra that way because my first year in the business, I sold 45 homes and was the Century 21 Rookie of the Year.

And as far as I was concerned, I was just getting started. In a few short years I was selling an average of 100+ homes a year. Now at this time in the real estate industry, no one was using a team. I guess we just hadn’t thought about it yet.

It Was Then, in 1984, That A Friend Said Those Magic Words That Forever Changed My Life…

“Monica” my friend stated, “you need to have an assistant.” I was thinking, there’s no way. By this point I was recently divorced. I had three kids to feed. I received no alimony because I made more than my ex-husband did and all I received for child support was $250 a month (even back then this wasn’t much).

And at that time, as a single woman, I couldn’t get a loan because I needed a man to co-sign with me (Yes I know that seems like the dark ages now, but this was the mid-80’s. It wasn’t that long ago!)

The last thing I wanted was another mouth to feed!

And that’s what I saw an assistant as. Just another mouth to feed… The very idea of paying for an assistant when I had so many other expenses already just seemed crazy to me. I began to explain to my friend that it just didn’t make any sense to pick up another expense at this time in my life, and that’s when he said those magic words that forever changed my life…

“Monica, if you hired a part-time assistant for 20 hours a week and you paid them [I’ll put this in today’s dollars] $20 a hour, that would cost you $400 a week or $1,600 a month. If you spent that 20 hours prospecting, could you pick up at least one new client a month?” “Only one? Yes. I would at least get one new client a month. Frankly, I’d probably get more than that.” “Monica,” he said, “if your average commission is $5,000, then you’d be ahead by a minimum of $3,400 a month or just over $40,000 a year. I don’t think you can afford to NOT get an assistant.”

I knew the second I heard it, he was right. An extra $40,000 topline profit a year could go a long way…

But Then My Broker Fired Me!

Here’s how that happened… I visited my broker and said, “You know Roger, I’m going to hire an assistant.” But his response was, “Where is she going to sit?” So I explained that I would just pull up a chair to my desk when I was in the office. Well, he didn’t like that. He thought that’d be a distraction. I suggested that I use the conference room. He said they needed it for other agents.

“Well Roger, I’m your top agent and I produce more than all your other agents combined. What do you suggest I do?”

His suggestion, if you can call it that, was that I wasn’t allowed to be in the office if my assistant was in the office. We had to meet in the hallway or sit in my car in the parking lot when we needed to go over things. Well, that only worked for about 30 days, and in the end, I was essentially forced out.

And That’s When My Income Skyrocketed!

I moved to another brokerage, one that cared about bottom line results – not who was sitting where – and I really went to work on my business not just working in my business.

Here’s What This Has Done For My Business. What Can It Do For Yours?

After 11 years of using assistants, in 1995, I became a regular fixture at all the major real estate conventions to speak on how to properly find, hire and train your real estate assistants. So what about you? How does all this apply to you and your business?

You are a sales person.

You are not the one that should make sure the yard sign goes up. You are not the one that should check off the termite report. You are not the one that should get an estimate from a painter. You are not the one that should be putting the file together. You are the sales person.

Your focus needs to be on dollar producing activities.

You should be focused on generating leads. Follow-up on leads. Going on appointments. Negotiating. Writing contracts. And handling price reductions. All the other stuff is just stuff… ...Stuff that isn’t revenue producing activity. It does have to be done, but it doesn’t have to be and should not be done by you!

All the stuff that needs to be done – putting a file together, doing data entry, answering the phones, fielding emails, taking photos, measuring, putting pictures online, getting your website updated, etc. – can be and should be done by someone else. And who should that “someone else” be? ...Your Assistant!

The Biggest Mistakes That Agents Make When Hiring An Assistant

Over the past 37 years I’ve sold literally thousands of homes more than I could have, simply because I leveraged the help of my assistants! And over the years in working with other agents, I’ve discovered the most common and most costly mistakes they make when finding, hiring and training their assistant. Here are the top three mistakes most agents make and how to avoid them:

  • Hiring too fast and not checking references. When a top producer needs an assistant fast, they will often hire the first person in front of them. It isn’t until later they find out that person has a criminal history, or they use the hunt-and-peck method of typing, or they aren’t good on the phone, or fill-in-the-blank-nightmare here…

When you have a tried and tested, proven-in-the-trenches system in place, like the one I provide in my Perfect Real Estate Assistant program, you will avoid making these nightmare hires.

  • Agents will often wait too long in hiring their first assistant. Frankly, if you wait until you need an assistant, you will be too busy to spend the time finding the right assistant. If you have one assistant and you wait too long to hire your second assistant you will overburden your first assistant thereby killing your customer service, your follow up and your database... and that can cost you a lot more money that you will save by waiting.

In the Perfect Real Estate Assistant program that I provide agents with, you’ll learn exactly how to avoid this costly mistake, make more sales, have more satisfied clients who will gladly tell others about how easy it was to work with you, and you’ll pick up additional dollars that you were previously leaving on the table.

  • Agents don’t provide proper training for their assistants. The single most common mistake – and it’s one that will frustrate agent and assistant alike – is not properly training them to do the job you want done.

Let’s face it, who has the time to train an assistant when you are out trying to close your next deal? You want your assistant to do all the things that aren’t dollar producing activities, however, if they aren’t trained on how to do them, you’ll find yourself even more frustrated than you were when you didn’t have an assistant. Frankly, it’s due to these three issues that inspired me to put together the Perfect Real Estate Assistant training program that I’m making available to you today. With this program, I’ll reveal to you…

…How To Double, Even Triple, Your Bottom-line Profits By Getting Your Assistant Trained To Do Their Job Properly!

Introducing: The Perfect Real Estate Assistant program. Over my career I’ve trained over 100,000 assistants. That’s not a typo. I’ve really trained that many ...and I’ve seen, heard, and experienced just about any and everything you can imagine. What this means to you is that you can know as a matter of fact that when assistants go through this training, they will have the resources to get their job done fast and effectively thereby freeing you up to focus on the dollar producing activities.

If You Want Your Assistant To Be A Profit Center, Then Read On…

In this proprietary training program that has been perfected over the last 37 years and (more than) 100,000 assistants, you will discover how to best structure, operate and manage the many aspects of your real estate business while simultaneously having your assistant trained to do the following:

  • What to say when a client complains…
  • How to ask a client or prospect for referrals…
  • How to use the checklists that I provide for the 75 critical activities that your assistant must do so that you can focus on selling…
  • When to use the over 50 client service letters that I provide so that you always look on top of your game to your clients without having to lift a finger yourself...
  • How to implement effective and proven lead generation systems so that you have the right people to talk to at the right time (including Expireds and FSBOs)…
  • How to work the listings and pending files efficiently to meet ALL deadlines so that you can get paid faster and without causing a hassle to your clients…

Also included with the Perfect Real Estate Assistant program are the following:

  • A complete office procedure manual – so you don’t have to write one!
  • Written detailed job descriptions with proven work schedules that will enable your assistant to be more productive on your behalf…
  • Time management practices so that you and your team are more effective in less time…
  • Tested strategies that we use in my office to improve every day communication and accountability…

How The Perfect Real Estate Assistant Program Is Delivered

This 6 month training program is deliver with 4 calls per month.  Each call is for both the agent and assistant-so you know how to best communicate with each other. Each call comes with its own worksheet.  The call replays and worksheets are also available online in the members area of our website.

What You Need To Do Next

To get you and your assistant enrolled in the program, click on the “Add to Cart” button now. Once enrolled, we’ll take over and do all the heavy lifting, getting your assistant to perform for you the way my own assistants perform for me that allows me to consistently close over 175 homes a year.

Warning – Time Is A Factor

Every time we start the program we find ourselves having to turn people away. We are very limited on how many people can be on the weekly calls at the same time. Every month we will have 500 in the training program leaving us maxed out on capacity (500 is the max).

Therefore, it isn’t possible to have more in the program at a time. As a result, enrollment is based on a first come, first served basis. If the link doesn’t work, it’s because we are full for the next class session. If you feel like this is right for you and your future, click the Add To Cart button and let’s get started.

Talk soon,


Don't Delay, Invest Now To Get Your Own Perfect Assistant...

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I heard about this from David Lawson. He swears by Monica and her structure & plan. This class puts everything together for me. It clears my head by giving me structure & a plan. I can't thank you enough!

Margot Spigelman, Salt Lake City, UT

My favorite lesson here was learning about the hiring system and also the follow up of leads and the different letters. Very helpful class!

Jenna Yaines, Whitehall, PA

This is what I wanted when I joined [the industry]. $100,000 & 2.5 years later... I found it! Best lessons: Basis of a system; Probate/Seniors listing idea; Visual - someone did it, I can too; Communication is key.

Steve Bland, Henderson, NV

This is the foundation of any real estate business!

Jeff Wysard, Palm Desert, CA

It's all practical & implementable. We just need to take the next step & do it! ...Will take the business to a different level.

Mimi Vang, Charlotte, NC

So much great info! Very fruitful class with a wealth of amazing information... that can easily be used as a reference.

Alicia Hodges, Lee's Summit, MO

Favorite Lesson: Listing actions (next steps) from doorstep to return home to get started. Good application items - real world use!

Kelly C. Wysard, Palm Desert, CA

Thank you! This is going to help empower me to make the necessary changes in our system. My favorite was - pass the baton and checklist. It is hard to get away from the day to day to work on ways to grow the business. I would love 20 more hours of this training!

Becca Ellithorpe, San Diego, CA

I liked the section of communication. Being able to interpret a person's personality and communicate better based on that. I feel empowered after hearing from the best! Things can and will run smoother!

Sarah Cox, Lee's Summit, MO

Don't Delay, Invest Now To Get Your Own Perfect Assistant...

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